Mercedes Diesel / MFI Injector Servicing

Hi all,

I clean and set pop pressures on any Mercedes diesel injector from 1955-1999. If you have injectors that need a cleaning/adjustment or new nozzles (that you bought) installed and adjusted I'm your guy. Bring your injectors to me (Chicago locals, I'm right near O'Hare) or ship them over and I'll have them turned around within a few hours of receiving them. In most cases I managed to get the injectors back in the mail to their owners the same day! 

All turbo injectors are adjusted to 135-140 bar
All NA injectors are adjusted to 115-120 bar 

All injectors are adjusted to be within 5 bar of each other. This is vital for a smooth running engine, any greater difference, you will start to feel a small shudder in your engine running. Balance in injector pressures makes a huge difference in how smooth an engine is. 

$65 for a full set (4, 5 or 6 cylinder) returned to you like brand new. $60 for Chicago locals. 

I also have some OM616 and OM617 turbo/non turbo injectors for sale. Already cleaned, adjusted and ready to drop in for $26 each. My stocks change on the injectors, so emailing me is the best way to get in touch on what I have. 


I do service Mercedes diesels as well. If you need a valve adjustment, or other general work/maintenance done on your car, please get in touch with me. The car would have to be brought over to my garage for the work, I am not doing any house calls. I have all the PROPER Hazet/Mercedes issue tools to do the work. 

 One of the most overlooked maintenance items on any Mercedes diesel are the injectors. They don't have infinite service life and should be serviced once every 80k miles or so for optimum performance. Over time, the spray patterns disintegrate into streams of fuel rather than powerful conical mists, they will leak fuel, or in some of the more extreme scenarios, they just won't inject fuel. You want that nice conical mist for the most power and fuel economy, the mist is needed for an efficient burn.

This is what happens when you don't service your injectors!

Here's another one. This car had 120k miles and was meticulously maintained. Whatever it needed, it got. Just goes to show how overlooked injector servicing is! Yours could be like this, imagine the MPG's you're losing. 

I also clean and pop test MFI injectors used in many 50, 60, 70s Mercedes and Porsche gasoline engines. 
I've brought back a fair share of MFI fuel injectors from the dead. I use similar processes as I do with the diesel injectors, however, because MFI injectors are not able to be disassembled, I do need roughly a week of turn around time to service them. I soak them in a powerful mixture of chemicals that attacks the grit, grime, and other particulates that may be stopping up your injectors. After the soaking process, I'll run them through an injector tester with even stronger chemical to get your injectors spiffy clean on the inside and popping like new.

$40 for the service (includes shipping back to you) 

Please note, not ALL MFI injectors can be brought back to life. There's an 80% chance that your injectors will be serviceable once I'm done with it. 20% of the time, an injector has seen better days and simply will not spray correctly again due to mechanical mishap. 

Rather than spend a couple hundred dollars on replacement injectors, bring yours back to life. Even if 1 or 2 aren't serviceable, you've saved considerable amount of money over buying a full set of injectors over 1 or 2 and can use that extra money you've saved on a treat for your old girl.

I also buy injectors!! If you have any extra sets of injectors hanging around from past projects, or just cluttering up your storage bins, please let me know.

I pay $10 per diesel injector and $8 per MFI injector, plus $5 for shipping via USPS small flat rate box.

Get in touch with me via email abenztek @ gmail (dot) com


  1. I need service done to my injectors 95 e300 mercedes

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  3. I need service done to my injectors 95 e300 mercedes

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  5. I need to pop test set of injectors from MB 300D 1991 I have installed new Bosio nozles, can i ship them to you I am in Arizona.


  6. hi I am in Germany and I have a question. Do you also do di injectors of the 602.982 engine or the OM602 DE LA ? The pressure should be around 1000bar. Moreover I know people, that work in the US for a period of 3-9 months depending on the task that needs to be fulfilled and our employer pays the shipping of a car to the US and back. So if you need stuff like Euro rims or headlights etc. Just comment and it's easy to put that stuff into an already shipping car as long as it is reasonably explainable to your customs.