Sunday, March 7, 2021

G-Allrad Summit: On the Rockies - Ouray, CO August 5-8 2021

I'll be regularly updating the Facebook event page and this event page here for those needing to stay in the loop.

Check out the facebook event page here: G-Allrad Summit: On the Rockies - Ouray, CO August 5-8

The G-Allrad Summit goes to the Switzerland of America, OURAY! We'll be traversing a variety of terrain involving extremely high mounting passes and rugged winding roads, to areas where unimaginable wildflower displays blanket the ground. Ouray is located 7,800 feet above sea level in southwestern Colorado in the San Juan Mountains. Highlights include spectacular mountain views from high elevation passes and visiting some of the best preserved ghost towns in the Unites States. Ouray offers some of the most breathtaking views in the country and what better way to experience them than with like minded individuals who share love for the G wagen and four wheeling. These are FREE family and pet friendly events, please be mindful of the youngsters that may be around. Without further adieu:



Due to the nature of the terrain we'll be on, unlike the event at Windrock, I will be making it a point to do a VERY quick and simple tech inspection of participating G's. While this is an entirely free event and I ultimately can't stop you from doing what you want on public lands, the entire group will be made aware of your defective equipment and it will be up to them to determine whether or not they want to have their own lives at risk because of you choose do be reckless. Inspection requirements are simple, have a working parking/emergency brake and have your brakes/brake hoses in good condition. With the parking brake engaged and the truck in neutral, your vehicle MUST be able to hold position with force applied to a tire. Additionally, brake hoses will be given a very mild "bend" test to check for structural integrity of the hose. If the hoses show any signs of cracking or any signs of physical damage, I'll refuse to guide you through the event and will NOT give you the trail itinerary the group will follow. Just as well, pads/rotors should be in good serviceable condition. You're going to be driving in elevations that are upwards of 12,000ft, it's a long way down to have no brakes.


You will be required to carry a GMRS/FRS capable radio, CB radios will NOT be used. One of the least expensive and reliable handheld options is the Midland X-Talker: Radio's will NOT be provided to you, some folks may carry extras with them in the event you forget yours, but please don't count on that happening. 


All terrain or mud terrain tires are required. If your G arrives on all season or summer performance tires that come standard you will NOT be given the trail itinerary to follow the group. The excessive risk of punctures and loss of grip on the trails makes YOU and your vehicle a risk to other's safety.

A 2" lift is highly recommended, but is not required. With no lift, you can expect some touchdowns on a few of the trails, AMG vehicles with no lift can expect exhaust tip touchdowns and potentially damaging the exhaust in some way. However, you will be guided the best route possible to try and avoid this, but it's no guarantee that they won't take damage. Ideally all vehicles would be equipped with a 2" suspension lift to ensure no hang ups when driving on trails. 


Ouray at this time of year is a very popular destination, you MUST be mindful of this and handle your accommodations as soon as you can. They fill up quickly! There are both forest primitive and developed campsites available in the area, but they are on a first come first serve basis. Check out the Ouray Chamber of Commerce website to familiarize yourself with what Ouray offers, the event's "home base" is in Ouray, so expect to start and return to the area every day of the gathering.

Check out the following link to find available lodging: Ouray Area Lodging

There are a few campgrounds in the area, the only one you can make a reservation with is the Ridgway KOA Ouray. First come first serve camp sites available at the Amphitheater CampgroundAngel Creek Campground, and Thistledown Campgrounds. 

I'll be updating the accommodation section here regularly with potential primitive forest sites for those looking to avoid the costs of staying in Ouray. Please be aware, Ouray is a very busy area and these sites have the potential to be full when you arrive!


The more detailed trail itinerary will be available to those attending the trail runs that will pass the tech inspection. If you don't allow me to look over your vehicle quickly, I won't give you the itinerary. Trails driven range from 3-8 in difficulty. Best lines will be guided on more difficult trails for those inexperienced. Some trails may be SCARY, but all are very well within the capabilities of a G at standard height with AT/MT tires... don't worry, you won't be needing any black or red label tires this weekend. 

Thursday Aug 5th: Roll in day, get yourselves situated with campsites, lodging, and explore the history Ouray has to offer. There are hot springs in town to visit! While the day involves getting everyone into town and no planned trail drives, we'll be getting together in the early evening for dinner. COVID rules applying - location and exact time will be announced closer to the event. 

Friday Aug 6th: Meeting in downtown Ouray for breakfast/coffee from 8a-9a (location TBA closer to event date). I'll be using this time to check over vehicles, hand out some event swag, and get everyone familiar with itinerary/radio channels/etc. We will be leaving at 9a sharp and driving trails until about 1p - we'll stop for an hour lunch on the trail. As with Windrock, this means kids of all ages will have something to explore and stretch the legs. 2p to roughly 6p (this is still TBD pending a trail pre-run) will be the remainder of the trail drives/scenic stops for the day. We'll then head back into town and at 7p we'll have a location for dinner/drinks set for those who'd like to join. 

Saturday Aug 7th: Meet in downtown Ouray for breakfast/coffee from 8a-9a (location TBA closer to event date). This day will involve the HIGHEST trails of the weekend, we will be cresting well over 13k feet a couple times this day. From around 9:30a to 12:30p expect to be on trail, followed by an hour an a half lunch/explore stop in town. 2p departure time for a VERY scenic trail drive return to Ouray. The return trip will involve plenty of tour/short hikes stops along the way. There's quite a bit to check out on this last leg of the trip, so make sure those cameras are charged and memory cards clear!

Sunday Aug 8th: Departure day - for those looking to get a head start on their return trips home, it was nice having you! Those looking for a half day of trails, we'll be leaving Ouray (specific location announced closer to event date) at 9a. Trails will take half the day and once we're off the trails we'll be splitting ways. Plan to be on trails until just before 1p. 

I'll be regularly updating the Facebook event page and this event page here for those needing to stay in the loop.

Check out the facebook event page here: G-Allrad Summit: On the Rockies - Ouray, CO August 5-8