Tuesday, December 22, 2020

G-Allrad Summit: Camp and Crawl Mixer V.1 - Windrock Park, Oliver Springs, TN

UPDATE 2-2-2021: please scroll down to see the updated event schedule fri-sun!

Trail Drives, Camping, and some great times with G friends! Bring your tent, sleeping bag, food, and anything else you might need to make your stay comfortable! You MUST purchase day use permits to use park lands. Permits are per-person. You can buy permits online here: Online Land Use Permit

Trail runs will be split in half through the day: 1st run, lunch, 2nd run, dinner, night run for the most advanced in the group is still TBD.


If you're looking to camp, we'll be reserving primitive sites around bathhouse #2 (a picture will be pinned in the posts below). Water pressure is so -so, but the water gets HOT. Facilities are clean! Get your reservations in early as Windrock is a pretty busy OHV park! There are hotels in the area that offer discounts if they know you're planning on running at Windrock. Please see the "How to Windrock" tab on Windrock's website and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the hotels that have partnered with Windrock.


Weather this time of year in Oliver Springs is usually above freezing at night with the possibility for 70s during the day. Usually highs in the 50s and lows in the 40s is common. Bring warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag just in case! This is a rain or shine event, your G WILL be getting muddy in some areas. Pressure washers are available at the campground HQ or the General Store for a small fee. Last time we were there, it was a couple bucks for 5 minutes.


Trails run will be a mix of scenic offroad tracks with some moderate trails that have the potential for some mild bumps and bruises. You will not be allowed to follow the group onto moderate trails if you are on standard all season tires. All-terrain or Mud-Terrain tires are a requirement. 2" lift or greater would be ideal, however stock height G will make it through with mild touchdowns. Cheap CB/Handheld required, if there are obstacles you are not comfortable with you WILL be spotted onto the best line! Don't be afraid to ask! Winch is NOT necessary. Please have your lockers working, some spots are slippery enough that they're needed.

More details will be added as they come! RESERVE YOUR SPOTS ASAP!

Trail runs include a stop for lunch, random photo ops, and sights. We'll be leaving camp at 9:45 to take the access trail down (how's an offroad trail to get to the offroad trails sound?) to the General Store where everyone will have an opportunity to make last second permit purchases and stock up on snacks/supplies. Leave the general store at 10:30 and make our way onto the trails. We'll be taking trails up to our lunch spot at the abandoned train where we'll stay for anywhere from 30-45 mins. Should give everyone a good chance to relax, explore the train, check over their rigs, and get ready for the next set of trails. 

We'll then make our way back to camp using some more technical trails, please take care to pay attention to where you're going, the possibility for some paint pinstripes or door dings, etc is pretty high if you're not paying attention to where you're going!! 
UPDATE 2-2-2010

To be clear, I can't be responsible for everyone. I'm happy to organize these, but I am in no way responsible for what happens under your piloting. I will do whatever I can to help those along who aren't comfortable through more difficult sections. If I have to lay some rocks down, or my traction boards to get you over something, I'll do it. I will be letting you know, at every possible opportunity, whether it's better for you to bypass an obstacle. Everything we're doing is well within the capability of a G, but I need you to be aware, this is an off road style event, there is ALWAYS a possibility for some paint scratches, wheel scratches, popped tires, etc. Make sure you have a good spare and whatever else you need for your trips!
Schedule will be as follows:
Roll in day, show up whenever (I plan on being around my campsite anywhere from noon-2pm), but you MUST check in with the campground by 6pm in person for your site tag. If you can't make it by that time, please give them a call by 5pm eastern to let them know you'll be coming late. They'll give you the info that you'll need and you'll settle up with them first thing in the morning Saturday before we depart on the "chicken" track to the General Store.
At 3:30 Friday, for whoever manages to show up by then, we'll leave for an hour or two for some rattle check trails. This is your chance to tie down what you need to in your trucks, get your land use permits for the park in order, get your tire pressures in order, check your oil, get radios set up, actuate your lockers, etc.
9:45 camp departure time, get your breakfasts in and get the trucks ready to go. We'll be taking a chicken track (your last shot at backing out, if you commit past this point, you're committing to the day!) down to the general store from camp and will be by the general store until 10:30. This is your LAST chance at getting your land use permits for Windrock! The ranger at the start of the track will not let you past if you don't have them. They are PER PERSON. You're able to get some last second snacks, souvenirs, etc from the park store. We'll be hitting the tracks at 10:30, first half of the day have some mild technical sections, some have bypasses, I will make a note over the radio at one area where there is a VERY off camber section, there's no rollover risk, but it'll have you clenched. You have an option to skip that section and go down an easy track for about 1/4 mile to regroup with those that choose to do the technical stuff! We'll be doing the tracks till about noon, where we'll take a winding exit trail to our lunch spot by some abandoned train cars. The cars are available to explore while we're there. If you'd like a side of tetanus with your lunch, hop up in them and check them out. They ARE cool and worth checking out.
With lunch done and dusted, we'll be reentering the park and doing some of the more technical trails for the day. The first track on reentry will be another bypass opportunity, it should take about 30-40 minutes so I'll make sure to note where those who bypass need to hang out for the rest of the group to pop out! This small section involves some mild water crossing, steep grades, couple tiny rock gardens, etc. Ample opportunity to get the G's flexed out and some locker action in. It does have some scary feeling downhill clay sections, that might deter someone, but I've been with a Jeep Renegade that managed to do it. With everyone regrouped, we'll make our way back to the General store for a potty break. We'll then be making our way to a Jeep badge of honor trail... if a stock Rubicon Jeep can do it, so can you. Again, you WILL be notified as to what's happening and you'll have an exit opportunity, though this exit would have you looping back to the General store where you'd have to wait for the last regroup of the day where we'll be taking a quick scenic ride up to the top of Windrock. Its the highest point in the park and offers some really cool views of the entire landscape, I'm hoping to see most of sundown here to end the day before shooting back down to the campground for the night. I'd bet on being back at camp by 6-6:30 or so.
Check out time from the campground is 11am for anyone that doesn't have the time to do this, but for those willing to blow 2 hours before a boring drive home, we'll be leaving at 8am and we'll be going about 35 minutes (22 miles) southwest of the campground to check out the abandoned Nemo train tunnel and bridge. There's a final track to do that will loop us back to a little picnic area and we'll part our ways from there. Huge photo ops here, the location there is 36.06746, -84.65281 if it can work into your way home, awesome!


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