Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2016 Land Rover LR4 - Please Change Your Oil

This is on a 2016 Land Rover LR4 HSE Supercharged - engine had a rattling noise on cold starts under 50*, found one of the HPFP relief valves knocking away for bank 2 with fuel pressure on that bank also not within acceptable levels, it was replaced as part of TSB LTB00710NAS3. The engine also had some kind of valve train noise on start up that would go away beyond 1500rpm. 

This is the engine oil that was being drained while the HPFP was being replaced

As you can see, there was more to the noise that met the eye. 

Some kind of off brand oil filter was installed on this engine (oil quality and viscosity questionable as well) that was completely deteriorating. The pleats were full of paper type debris and without a doubt, were blocking the filter's oil flow capability - potentially starving the engine of much needed oil. 

As you can see, it's a paper type filter that was collapsing in on itself from the pressures the LR4's 3.0 engine is capable of. 

With a fresh oil change done and as much of the oil system cleaned out as possible, a high detergent oil was used with the correct polyester reinforced oil filter that JLR requires. On initial start, the noise from the valvetrain subsided considerably and with the engine run at higher RPM at operating temp, the noise dissipated entirely. 

Just as a note, I recommended the client drive the vehicle and to let it get up to operating temp as much as they could for the next 1000-1500 miles. If any noise persists, the truck will come back for further diag - most likely in need of cam phasers or timing chain tensioners with all the debris that might have clogged their ability to work properly! For now, its quiet and cam timing/phasing is correct.  


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