Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Little Blue MG

There's nothing quite like returning something to its former glory, especially when it's had it's fair share of shoddy mechanics causing the car to sink further into the rabbit hole. 

I present a 82 MG MGA - complete with intake/exhaust manifold studs missing, engine pouring oil out of the lifter galleys, etc

I realize I'm very sporadic in when I take pictures. All of a sudden missing parts were returned to their proper location! I'm a sticker for heat management on carbureted cars. With the ethanol present in today's fuels, boiling the fuel in the bowls is a huge possibility. So I went ahead and went nuts keeping the heat away from the bowls

Replacement firing order plate in place

Routing the heater box feed hose - radiator was out earlier and the ram air portions for the carb and heater box joints were installed. Those sit in front of the radiator on either side and feed air into their respective engine bay locations

Hoodless for carb tuning 

Enjoying the view after putting on about 50 miles running the carbs in and making sure all the work completed isn't leaking anymore. The car had a severely corroded thermostat housing that was seeping heavily when hot. It was so corroded, in fact, that it was jamming up the thermostat! 

Detailed up and ready for the hood to go back on

Homeward bound 


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