Sunday, June 21, 2020

Porsche 996 Clean/Reseal/Trans

What do you do when your 996 Carrera has a screaming transmission and is crying tears of oil? Pull the engine out and take it all apart, you just may find something very broken. 

No pictures of the car handy, but I did have this pathetically filthy flat 6 sitting on some stands getting ready for cleaning and restoring it's oil holding capability. 

This particular engine was losing coolant at an alarming rate, diagnosed a cracked and leaking oil separator on the rear of the engine. Considerably easier to replace this piece when the engine is on the ground. First step in it's replacement is degreasing the area so no chemicals enter the engine. 

Normally 996 valve covers are silver in their raw state, this one has a nice coating of decades old oil to give it the satin black look. 

AOS failure, she was spitting oil coolant at a steady rate from this area - would only happen with the system pressurized and it would evaporate long before it reached the ground. Fairly difficult to spot if one isn't 100% familiar with how this system is set up. 

Area degreased and new AOS installed. 

Next on the list for this car was the transmission pinion shaft bearing. This one actually had a cracked race! 

Pressing the nightmare apart to get to the bearing

All together - the replacement bearing has a step, this step aims down

Didn't take pictures of it, but this car had a wonky 2nd gear as well - the 2nd gear syncro was chewed up. Looks like someone was really struggling with 2nd gear on this car for quite some time. 


Nicely degreased and reassembled

Shift fork install on these is annoying, takes a few tries when reinstalling the case

Can see how bad the old pinion bearing was here

Case reinstalled and sealed

Ready to go back into the car

After running the car, confirming AOS repair was successful. No coolant loss

A benefit to the molygen oil from liqui moly, even though the camshaft solenoid received a new seal it still managed to leak. Replacement seal and she's on her way - Liqui Moly makes a great product for finding oil leaks! 

That's all for this one


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