Sunday, February 23, 2020

A little more than some bolt on flares, Datsun 260Z Part 1

Great time to get into a Z, the owner of this recently picked up this heavily modified car and had brought it hear to be gone through. The car sat for the better part of a decade and has seen it's fair share of hack mechanics, hack mice, and father time. 

A testament to how far this car was modified, I initially thought the back glass just had dragon stickers. These were ETCHED into the glass

The engine is not the factory L26 - a stroker L28 has been swapped in and built for the car and it's running 45 DCOE Weber carbs

I'll use this post as the "before" and beginning stages of this project

As you can see, there is no rhyme or reason for all the wiring scattered around this engine bay. Daunting

Interior has good bones, but needs a lot of work

Pulled the carbs off to see what was going on with the cylinder head - sadly, even when a head is being built by well known shops, shortcuts get taken.


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