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Cars For Sale: 1985 Mercedes Benz 500SL Gray Market Car 37K Miles

ASKING PRICE $CONTACT Please call Allen: 7737069210
The car is available for viewing M-F 10a-6p Sat by apt
27992 W. State Route 120

Unit 41
Lakemoor, IL 60051

 For sale we have a gray market 1985 Mercedes 500SL. Build date of 02/1985, this European spec vehicle was ordered in Munich (order # 1 3 226 09144) in 040 Black with 271 Anthracite leather. The instrument cluster, headlights and taillights were converted to DOT standard when it was imported. It retains the euro spec headlight vacuum adjustment and euro bumpers, as well as the factory Tri-Y exhaust. 

Please keep an eye out on the site for a walk around video as well as a quick POV drive.

The car was brought out of storage (since 2008) mid last year and had all of its deferred maintenance caught up on.

  • Full transmission service (fluid flush, filter, pan gasket
  •  Engine tune up and CIS adjustment 
  •  Valve cover gaskets replaced, valve train had 4 rockers replaced and 3 adjustment shims replaced to remedy a tick 
  • Fuel pump, filter, and relay replaced
  • OVP relay replaced
  • Driver front ABS sensor replaced

All work has sub-2k miles on it 

This is a 2 owner vehicle - the first, a doctor in the Downers Grove area of IL bought from an importer and the second being his good friend and current owner since early mid-2017. The vehicle's entire history is known, albeit, the carfax only goes back to 2001. A photocopy of the original title is available. The car carries a clean and open Illinois title, ready to go. 

She's sitting on year old (2017) Michilen Pilot Sport A/S 3+ tires on period installed Centra 16" wheels. There are approximately 1000 miles on the tires. The original 14" bundts are not available. The center cap locking key for the Centra wheels is included and is in the glove box! The wheels do have some peeling clear over the machined finish.

ASKING PRICE $CONTACT Please call Allen: 7737069210

The paint reflects so well the camera was focusing on the reflections, it's hard to take blemish pictures - there are a couple on the car and they're pictured as best they can be! It does get driven regularly, a few pits and dings expected throughout.

VIN number: WDB1070461A026568

Soft top is in fabulous condition and is original to the car. The rear windows show a small amount of clouding, but are still very clear. 

The car did have a telephone installed (which was removed) and has a grommet fitted where the antenna used to be.

Touched up area - you genuinely have to look hard to see it. Took me a few shots with the camera before I could show it well enough

Engine bay still has factory cosmoline throughout

Engine runs strong and has tons of power. Transmission shifts crisply and has no reverse delay. Had a recent service and does not leak. 

ASKING PRICE $CONTACT Please call Allen: 7737069210

The front bumpers have a touch of surface rust underneath the mounting brackets. There is no structural rust anywhere. The fender bottoms are perfect.

The passenger front fender does show some scuffing from when it was stored.

Trunk is CLEAN.

In the trunk panel, some of the carpet seems to have separated from the backing - this isn't a burn mark as far as I can tell and the carpet is not flaking away anywhere else. It's not dried out or shedding anywhere else

Original spare, never hit the ground!

Toolkit, warning triangle, jack all present and unused.

The factory installed "ducktail" is soft and supple like the day it rolled out of the showroom. These usually turn rock solid and start splitting with age.

Interior showing brilliantly - there is an aftermarket shift knob installed and shows a bit of fade from the rest of the wood in the car. 

Here are a series of shots underneath the car - if there's anything in particular you'd like to see, please let me know and I'll get you those pictures. 

The car still has the factory cosmoline under it, it appears to have never been delivery prepped and removed.

In order to pass Illinois emissions the car had an aftermarket cat installed. These cars had to have a cat when they were imported, and the original that was used lost efficiency with age. In the early 2000's, an aftermarket cat was installed to pass emissions. Only the center section of the exhaust was modified - meaning, should the owner reside in a non-emissions state, they can install the non-cat center section! Let those tri-y's do their job and growl.

The exhaust is the highly desirable tri-Y system

Please note, these are not oil leaks - the car doesn't leak a drop. It's preservation wax (like the factory cosmoline) and can be washed off at any point.

 There is no dried out, cracking rubber anywhere throughout the car. All the bushings are SOLID 

New Bosch fuel pump and filter installed last year

Preservation wax applied to even the fasteners holding the fuel pump and filter assembly

ASKING PRICE $CONTACT Please call Allen: 7737069210

Bottom of the doors are rust free and spotless!

Rear apron has a ding in towards the right side. 


Soft top cavities are absolutely flawless

ASKING PRICE $contact Please call Allen: 7737069210

One of the rare options this car is equipped with - jump seat!

This is the best shot I can get of the blemish on the hood. 

Original radio works perfectly - no bleeding LCD screen

Push button control for HVAC - all works! Heat, AC, and vent operation is perfect.

Car is optioned with factory heated seats, they are both in working order and get toasty!

ASKING PRICE $contact Please call Allen: 7737069210

The cruise control stalk in German! Cruise control works perfectly and doesn't buck or lose speed. Maintains speed smoothly and with no hesitation.

While not hooked up, the car did retain the headlight leveling when it was imported. Should you install the European headlights on the car, you can utilize the leveling.

Owners manual in German

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