Friday, December 7, 2018

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe - Clutch, Minor Reseal P.2

Coming up on pics of the clutch, considerable glazing and hot spotting on this flywheel

Haven't seen a paper thin clutch disk like this in a long time - usually they blow apart by the time they get to this point 

Glazing on the outside of the disk, so we have uneven wear on the disk

Everything is getting degreased - the grease does slow down air flow to the oil cooler 

Not to mention all the grease that was caking up the cooler fins

Cooler removed and area being degreased 


Amazing how truly simple a 3.2 is! 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe - Clutch, Minor Reseal P.1

Beginning stages of engine out service on 86 Porsche 911 w/ the 3.2 for Northshore Autosport. If you're looking to buy a properly sorted Porsche, please get in touch with Massimo.

A few before shots before all the detail work and getting all of the grime off of this engine 

It's in overall fantastic shape - just accumulated road grime and has a few deferred maintenance items that will be taken care of 

This is the "oily" trinity area on these flat six engines - the oil breather, oil pressure switch, and oil thermostat area. 

Oil ingress into the bellhousing of the transmission - causing premature clutch failure or "shudder" on takes with a VERY firm clutch pedal.

See the fresh oil? this is sort of a seepage channel for the oil that leaks out of the oily trinity to get to the ground. In this case, oil seeped into the bellhousing and caused a bit of havoc.

Will have more tear down pictures soon 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

82 Porsche 911SC Targa Clutch/Engine Reseal - Quick

Car here was an 82 Porsche 911SC Targa - owner misplaced the original keys for the car so it wasn't driven in a while. Additionally, the complaint was that it was slower than minivans... now, these cars aren't the quickest things on earth, but I did manage to drive it a bit before I tore into it. SLOW.

I skipped around with pictures, but you'll get an idea of what was involved in repairing this rocket. 

Here's the initial engine/trans out of the car. 

Don't mind my rigged up cradle - my NEW lift table decided to explode its hydraulic cylinder.. hey DAYTON, I'm looking at you. 

If there's any testament to what was done to this car in it's prior life, these should do it. Both plugs on the transmission were rounded. The fill plug on the left already had someone try to weld something to it to get it out. You better believe these were replaced with new units! 

This right here is a fairly major oil leak spot on 3.0 engines from Porsche. It's at the base of the oil thermostat section. Usually these will dribble oil behind the oil cooler and for anyone that doesn't know about the factory TSB for the repair, they'll be replacing oil cooler seals needlessly. The fix, fill it will sealant of your choice. I choose JB and make it a permanent repair. 

Oh, a 3.0 with a cracking airbox?

I noticed a gear oil smell inside the cabin when I first sat in the car.

The shift rod seal on the transmission was just seeping fluid straight into the cabin. I spent a good little while getting the inside of the car cleaned up from this nightmare. Before anyone sends me emails, yes, I have been working on some ultra luxury rockets lately.


Here's the "brains" of the engine operation pulled off as an assembly.

The "oily" trinity - the oil thermostat cap (replaced o ring), the oil pressure switch, and crankcase breather. 


Engine out - time to replace the insulation!

More housekeeping - oily trinity cleaned up and resealed, all the intake plenum gaskets replaced.

Routing hoses, airbox bag on and vacuum lines replaced

Just about assembled

Cleaned up and resealed trans

We did add 22mm spacers to the rear

and that's her all buttoned up!