Wednesday, July 26, 2017

R107: 1985 Mercedes 500SL "Barn Find" Rescue

So I'll be running a new series posts in the next couple weeks on a 96 Puch Worker and this "barn find" R107. I may be alternating back and forth between the pair in posts, we'll see what time allows for me. In the mean time - this is an 85 Euro Spec 500SL. It's has NAm lights, but all of the vacuum adjustment bits are in place.

She's been sitting for the better part of 15 years - last registration was 2010, but the owner figured he would be able to drive it out of storage so registered it and failed. So it sat 7 more years before it was sold to a good friend of mine. I'm excited to get this beast running again and I'm sure he's just as excited to be bringing back an otherwise unmolested original with 35k miles.

She does have some cosmetic imperfections - namely dents and scratches throughout the body from sitting in a fairly active storage area. They look terrible, but I'm of the opinion that they could be brought out by a good PDR guy. Whatever we can do to save the original paint to the car. I'll document this the best that I can!

Last "official" registration before the  2010 tags was 93...... She's been sitting!

She's somewhat of a rare bird with options. Has heated leather seats, ABS, and a full jump seat set in the rear.


Here's the engine bay - this will be detailed up the best that I can (I'm not a detail guy by any means) - but all the rubber will be replaced and the entire engine gone through to ensure proper and reliable running.

Sorry ole girl, I'm not cleaning you....

Here's a quick shot of the cam lobe through the oil fill. This engine looks like it was extremely well taken care of. No sludge, no cam scoring, no rust, nothing. The oil also looks brand new on the dipstick, which is a great sign.

We'll see what I can do to just get the old girl fired up for the first time. I think I'll make it a point to just give it an oil change, stick a battery in it, and see where I'll go from there. I need to make sure the running gear is in good order before I get carried away with anything else. I'm eager to get going on this and the upcoming G project.


  1. Is difficult for me to understand how someone can park a car like this and not touch it again. Cars should be driven.

    1. it's difficult for me too, but if those individuals weren't around we wouldn't have nearly virgin cars to bring back and enjoy.

  2. I suppose it could be a good idea to bleed completely the gas from entire injection system...

  3. I suppose it could be a good idea to bleed completely the gas from entire injection system...

    1. entire fuel system is essentially being renewed! taking no chances

  4. I just bought a barn find 1983 500SL and am also in the process of getting it back on the road after what appears to be years of neglect. I was wondering if you know what the significance is of the ABE 7707/2 designation right above the VIN # on that plate. Mine actually says ABE NR 7707/2. Any thoughts or suggestions?