Sunday, June 11, 2017

W463: 1994 Mercedes 350GD Engine Swap Part 2

Alrighty!!! So this next installment of pictures will be the engine removal itself. I prefer to leave the transmission in the truck as it saves me time and it's less to deal with outside of the truck.  I'm also a bit slow with these blog posts as of late. I'm trying to find the time to sit down and post up these pictures, all this happened a bit earlier in the week in between some other work, so bare with me!

So with that, here we go:

Mercedes designs their engines fairly well and usually include pick up points for removal/install. The 603 is probably my favorite engine to remove because of how well balanced it is.

Engine comes up fairly straight - I'll have it balanced slightly to the rear so it'll slip straight off the trans without much hassle. 

Up and out - no casualties!

So looks like it's ready for that V12......

I've kicked out a few cars to make some room for the G - this 59 220SE wasn't happy to get picked up by the owner so I had to have it on a charge. I guess it wants to see through it's grandkid's heart transplant.

Shaved know what that means

Factory reman! Too bad this thing met an untimely demise. We'll see what the cause to it's failure was when I  take it apart tomorrow.

Here's some better pictures of what came out - guess it's sort of a before and after type deal.

Stay tuned... 

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