Tuesday, April 4, 2017

W211: What does a 273k mile M113 engine look like? E500 Project

I've always looked at cars as an investment in the motor. At the end of the day, if you're looking for a car to ferry you around everywhere, one of the first things you'd research, if you're reasonable, are any engine problems related to the car. Some motors are known to pop as soon as they're started on the dealer lot, some will make it 50-75k before they start burning through their oil supply faster than  I can slurp down an Oreo McFlurry *cough*BMW*cough*. Now in Mercedes' case, they build ridiculously robust engines. So much so that with proper maintenance and sometimes without, they'll last indefinitely. Typically, the engines that most people will recognize as half million mile motors are Mercedes diesels.

Well, you'd be surprised where a proper maintenance regime will get you.

In this case, it's a 273k mile M113.

Looks pretty GREAT! Mind you, I have absolutely no service history for the car. She's at 273k miles and I don't know anything outside of the oil change sticker on the windshield saying it went to get a Pennzoil change on October 3rd of 2016. I have no idea what oil is in it. Hell, I have no idea what's going on ANYWHERE on this car. 

I'm making my way from front to back on this thing. I was initially set on just using this car as a parts car. When I went to see it, it was in a fairly sorry state, but it showed some pretty decent potential. Honestly, I think it firing right up after sitting for 2 months. The 15lbs of bird shit from the pine tree it was under was icing on the cake, so to speak. I went for it. Almost glad I did.

I've been giving the engine quite a bit of run time to get all the cobwebs out and to get the oil nice and hot so I can see where and if the engine is leaking. To my surprise, the only leak I got was a small dribble out of the driver side valve cover that burned off on the exhaust manifold. Which is crazy, because this 273k mile motor, is just as dry as any 40k mile motor I've worked on. So, cool, went ahead and ordered up some Elring gaskets - perfect time to get an idea of how this motor was taken care of it's entire life. I was either in for a total shit show, or not. Thankfully, not.

Even the valve cover is freaking spotless! I haven't wiped anything down, this is how the cover was when pulled off the engine.

I guess I'll order an oil filter and some 0W-40 Mobil for the old pig. I'll go through the FSS and start fresh with this. Should be cool to take it to 300k!


  1. Un-freakin'-believable I'll show you mine at a hundred and fifty thousand 6in of oil sludge everywhere unreal

  2. I have a 1998 E430 Sport (AMG Appearance Pack?) in Brilliant Silver. Got it for FREE on a barter deal, since it wouldn't pass SMOG and the **ORIGINAL** owner didn't want to put anymore money into it. It was at 299k miles, now at 320k and runs like a dream!! Still has a lot of life left in it. Of course, I have repaired upgraded almost every possible thing since I'm an MB Technician, the car looks and drives like new, in fact most people think it is a lot newer than it actually is!

    No rust other than a little bit starting in the rear wheel arches from rock chips over the years, which I have already treated and repainted. AMAZING Cars, I won't drive anything else.