Thursday, March 30, 2017

W211: More Cosmetic Updates!

Most of the work involved on this particular car are "cosmetic" - which is sad, because if you managed to screw up a W211 I can only begin to imagine how bad any other car would look.

Firstly, it's really not that expensive to get some bolt on AMG tips off ebay. There are literally a few dozen choices for some cool quad tips that clamp onto the factory mufflers. This guy took the autozone special route - which ended up in the garbage..............

Realized I hadn't posted any pictures of the car in it's "before" state. Well, here they are. I think I'll do some before and afters at the same angle once she get's put back together.

No big deal, factory xenon's blacked out. I'm VERY glad this guy didn't black out the chrome, I wouldn't have been very happy trying to remove it.

Here's ultimately what's going on with the thing. The SBC has a problem building enough (AND MAINTAINING) pressure to properly actuate the brakes. I'm fairly confident a new accumulator would have solved this problem, but seeing as I'd like to drive the car around and take it on a few trips AND inevitably sell it..... I'm not going to risk someones life to save a couple bucks.

Codes are:
C26BB - Hydraulics Fault: Malfunction in pressure supply
C25D4 - Hydraulics Fault: No or insufficient pressure supply
C235A - Check component A7/3 (SBC hydraulic unit)
C26DE - Hydraulics Fault: Malfunction in pressure supply

Here's how the paint's turning out. All this is still cut, no final polishing so there are still little swirls here and there. I'm not doing a polish until I finish working on the thing.

Looking pretty good! Should look good once I put the wheels on. I'll be doing a resonator delete with a stainless X pipe using the factory mufflers. Should give it a little more throat without being obnoxious. Down the road, should I find a good deal on E55 mufflers, I'll put those on.


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