Saturday, February 11, 2017

W140: S600 Maintenance Blitzkrieg

Figured I'd post a picture up of a $70 thermostat found on later M120's. The stat is built into an aluminum housing. The car has 76k miles and at the moment see's consistent road usage. Apparently, in talks with the owner, a Mercedes DEALER decided it was a good idea to use green coolant for a coolant flush in this car some 3 years ago.... We know from experience that's a bad idea - luckily it didn't cause to much havoc in the actual engine. The thermostat housing started pitting badly around the seal and just about welded itself to the water pump.

The actual thermostat was stuck wide open so the car could never get up to operating temp. No operating temp = running rich = fuel fouled oil = bad time.

Keep your cars at operating temp! 


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