Sunday, February 12, 2017

W140: S600 Coupe Maintenance Blitzkrieg V.2

So, a continuation of the maintenance blitzkrieg...

A slight squeak from the rear end and a bit of a cocked steering wheel going down the road. Diagnosed to the rear wheel carrier "metal clad bushings". I don't know why these bushings are as bad as they are, the rest of the suspension is absolutely METICULOUS. Not a spec of rust or cracked rubber on the rear suspension.

I just don't understand how these got as bad as they were - either way, 30 mins of work per side and they were out and pressed back in with the correct bushing tool. I do these often and I'm planning on getting some videos out on youtube - so I'll see if I can show the process down the road. 

Next on the list was a center support and bearing kit. It was definitely time.

Whole thing separated - couple hours using the Allen method over the 5-6 cumulative hours from MB. Saving customer's money works all around.

Seeing as the thermostat was done, I changed the oil and cleaned up the engine bay a little while I was waiting for the oil to drain down. I couldn't stand the dust.

Buttoned up and waiting to get picked up


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