Tuesday, January 10, 2017

W126: Transmission Front Pump Reseal 87 300SDL

Seems like I've been doing a lot of front pump reseal work on transmissions that work flawlessly, but are otherwise leaky.

This time, the specimen was an 87 300SDL - with some hopped up goodies under the hood. An intercooled, Helvina pumped, Holset powered OM603. Seems like it could do some damage in the speed department.
I've gotten into the habit of pressure washing the engine and trans as best I can before diving into the work. Not sure what it is, but for some reason I don't like getting too dirty when pulling these cars apart. Seems like I wear gloves just so the rest of my arms get dirty...

Anyway, with the trans up on the bench - the front pump assembly comes off with a series of 13mm fasteners.

Remove some seals and a circlip and you can pull the pump assembly apart with some tapping. The main leak this go around was the oring you see on the pump case on the right. It was cracked in a few areas and totally came apart with removal. A new ring, a healthy douching of trans fluid on everything, slip her back together and she's good. It's a perfect time to check for bearing wear, gear wear, etc. All the other seals get replaced with this work. 

No more pictures because trans work is clean, yet dirty work. I don't want anything unnecessary making it's way into the trans.

Total labor time WITH replacing the cars rear springs was 7 hours. I get these transmissions down in about 2 hours and about an hour or so in resealing. Not too bad. 


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