Wednesday, January 4, 2017

W123: NOS European Headlight / Corner Marker Set IN BOXES FOR SALE

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Have a gorgeous set of european headlights AND european dark amber corner markers that are in their original boxes for all 77-85 Mercedes W123 chassis cars. Fits all sedan, coupes, and wagons.

Lights have been sitting on a shelf in shop for better part of 35 years (33 in one, 2 in mine). Please note, I didn't clean the lights, how they look is how they've been sitting around. I'll take a blow nozzle and blow off all associated shop dust and spider webs before sticking them in a shipping box though! 

There is an interesting story behind the lights - a US spec car was bought in europe by a gentleman stationed in Brussels. Apparently, they wouldn't deliver the car unless he had e-code lights (front AND rear), so he had to buy them, put them on the car and then remove them when the car was ready for the US. I've already sold the taillights, please don't ask. For what it's worth, the build date on the taillights was 1980. The passenger side light glass is absolutely flawless. The driver side has a tiny chip (which I've pointed to) and it seems like there's a possibility it took a small bit of road rash or even sparks from inside the shop. I couldn't tell you. For how little time they were on a car, I doubt it's seen any rocks hitting the glass. Take it for what it is - it's still AS clear and perfect inside as the passenger light! I took a lens off one of the lights to take a picture of the reflectors inside - perfect all around. 

Original lightbulbs from 1981 - I mean, if that doesn't get you concours points I don't know what will. 

Thanks for looking! Any problems? Send them back money back! 


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