Saturday, December 3, 2016

W211: The Most Ridiculous Battery Drain Problem Ever, 2003 E320, P.3

Somewhat of an update:

I started running the car on my scanner and was checking the coding on every module that I had access to as I noticed the teleaid the day before. So I started getting into the central gateway, telecommunications modules, etc and disabling every module of knowing teleaid was installed on the car. 

As I was doing the coding/module shut down, etc I had my meter in place. AS SOON as I hit "OK" to send new coding to the telecommunications module, amperage dropped. It will now bounce between 23-25 mA and every few minutes have a spike to 1.5amps for a few seconds. 

Which is telling me I may have isolated the draw to the MOST system. I think I may have put in an order for some of the MOST bypass connectors, so I'll be removing the teleaid module from the system entirely. 

Right now, I sent the car off to see how it fairs in the real world. Fingers crossed.


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