Friday, December 2, 2016

W211: The Most Ridiculous Battery Drain Problem Ever, 2003 E320, P.2

I'll have time at the end of this coming week to see if I can isolate entire SAM modules from the system to see if there's any change. I went through some module coding when I had some spare time and found the teleaid wasn't disabled from the whole analog to digital ordeal in 2009 - I can only assume from this, that I should be going through all the modules and making sure they're coded properly. The car may be thinking it has components that it doesn't. Oh joy. 

After the car was driven for a bit, I pulled the codes and the car had a 9026 - M16/32 Heat Exhanger Shut Off motor had failed or lead had short circuit. I put my weekly order in with Mercedes and should have the new valve (211 832 0584) coming by Monday or Tuesday. At $36, it's a soft hit that MAY just solve the drain. 

One could only hope, would sure be nice to have a cheap fix for him.


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