Monday, December 12, 2016

AMG Week, Coming to a close

So AMG week consisted of 7 or so various AMG's from 85-2012, all of which were getting their winter maintenance in order so they have an uneventful spring.

Among these was a W210 E55 that needed it's rear wheel carrier bushings (metal clad bushing) done on both sides as it was skipping about on the highway and making some squeaking noises. Well, one side had completely welded it's bolt to the inner race of the bearing and I had to do some drastic cutting, heating, etc to get it free from the carrier/control arm. I even managed to break the ball free from it's shell....somehow.

Then an 07 E63 was in for an oil change and some previously diagnosed bad ball joints. Was certainly caught in time as this particular joint was about ready to just pop out of it's socket. 

That's all I really had time to take pictures / vids of as I was on a time crunch with life, among other things. Happy I essentially have nothing planned for the next week, so I can take it easy and take them as they come. 


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