Wednesday, November 9, 2016

W210: Daily Diesel, Random Stalling Solved!

So, a backstory:

My 97 E300 stalls while running normally. It can be on the highway at 70 or just sitting at idle, stalls are completely random. The engine just stops. I can try to restart it, but depending on the try, it will not immediately restart. The glow plug lamp with not light up while immediately trying to restart. With a couple tries, the lamp will light up and the car will start normally and function perfectly. 

I started with the typical, K40 replacement with new OEM MB:

Problem persisted. After checking the entire engine bay thoroughly, I noticed the SOV was leaking a bit and I bought a replacement. Figured two birds, one stone at trying to solve this stall problem.

Here's what I got:

Can see the connector has had some fluids seeping though.

Anyway, NONE of that solved my stalling. It became so frequent that I stopped driving the car for a while. I went after it again today and while poking around with the engine running it died on me! Not knowing if I'd done it, or the car being random I waited for it to start and I did exactly what I was doing before........STALL.


Here's a vid:

I took the cover off and low and behold I've found my problem!

It wasn't the K40 as I had said, but the connector I was poking! GO FIGURE.

For those looking at solving their random stalling, please direct yourself straight to the K40 relay. It's a power distribution relay for multiple systems. They go bad every so often and they're cheap to replace. In my instance, A wire to pin connection in the connector failed and was giving me intermittent problems.

Success is grand. 


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