Wednesday, October 19, 2016

W210: Daily Diesel Takes Over The West? Part Classic Center Visit

So, a trip out west isn't worth doing if you're not going to atleast stop in at the classic center, right? I was fully expecting some sort of dedicated road, etc to the place like some of the dealers have around here. Nope. Literally smack dab in the middle of some industrial park in Irvine. Guess it's good they house all these cars in a fairly inconspicuous area.

Walking in through the front doors felt like I was walking into a run of the mill dealership lobby...outside of what was actually IN that lobby.

Rally Pagoda anyone?

This driving light in place of the star gets me. Whoever thought of this literally picked my brain.

There was another racing car next to it, with the drivers list up on the roof. Granted this is a more modern build.

Still badass.

Evo 2 ya'll.

Evo 2 with some problems it seems. Not sure what's going on with every last one of these cars with seemingly left to rot in some sort of Evo hell and coming out freshly painted with problems and no mileage. This whole star situation on the trunk annoys me. Of the 3 Evo 2's I've seen in person, the one in the classic center was a hooptie. (sorry owner)


E60 Renntech built for and owned by Jerry Seinfeld.

I need this widebody.

Maybach Zeppelin

Maybach Zeppelin oil leak.

Transporter anyone?

Had to get a picture out front with the Dailydiesel - just wouldn't feel right to have traveled the better part of 2300 miles to not stop in quickly. Was definitely worth it.


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