Tuesday, September 20, 2016

W210: Daily Diesel - AsthmaticMG - Rear Bumper

AsthmaticMG strikes again, being the most "genuine" of AMG diesels......

A friend had a very nice condition, pre facelift AMG/Sport bumper in 744 for me. $20 and a case of beer....not a bad trade eh? The AMG bumper a lot better around my curt hitch than the actual stock bumper, all while improving the look of the car 202030%. Complete bumper assembly is lighter than the stock assembly as well - bonus points in the MPG and speed department, right?

3 13mm fasteners and the bumper slides to the rear and off. Solid 15 minutes to pull a bumper off and put one back on.

I also have a prefacelift AMG front bumper assembly that I will be repairing/painting before installation. Excited to get this car's looks to a whole new level. Hopefully I'll have it set and squared away by the time I take it on a trip out west. Everything will be documented here on the blog!


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