Friday, September 30, 2016

W123: Maintenance, Belts and Suspension

Had a nice W123 Kombi come in for some maintenance work - namely belts, pulley replacement, and some work on the rear suspension.

Well, alternator adjustment bracket was totally sheared - no way to use the adjustment rod, because well - it was missing the part of the bracket it uses to be adjusted. Some mild engineering came up with the breaker bar solution - belts are tight and won't be moving.

Then we have the lower alternator bolt. Looks somewhat normal, right?

Seeing what's wrong here?

1/4 of the bolt head was sheared off as well. Not exactly sure how, but hey, it was.

Now moving to the rear, what is essentially a brand new valve is put in. I was supplied the MB hard parts rebuild kit and I had the actual seals to reseal the whole thing. Car goes up and down VERY quickly and load levels nicely. I did have to make a new line to get this to work as someone had cross threaded one of the fittings to the original valve block - how it didn't leak, I don't know. Tight is tight, right?

New accumulators were put in as well.


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