Thursday, August 18, 2016

W211: Welcome to the family, 2003 E320 ; Junior

Alright so with juniors money, we picked up a very nice 2003 E320 with a "blown bag". Car has its fair share of problems. That are relatively easily remedied with a bit of patience and a couple bucks.

Car as it arrived.

"Blown bag" 

Nice looking car all around though, right?

Here's why it slammed down.

Mercedes springs are basically the worst tempered steel on the face of the earth. this particular spring snapped about right in half and never made a noise, etc

Obviously the guy never cared to have looked under the car either, or he probably wouldn't have sold it for an otherwise $70 repair.

New spring in and viola! Car is at normal ride height and rides like a dream.

All that's left to do now are the front ball joints as they're squeaking like crazy and just not worth greasing up with the zerk fittings that are on them. I have some replacements for it, so in due time this car will be road worthy.

Easy and quick fixes are great. Hopefully my brother will take care of the car. This is his first official "buy" so we'll see how much attention he'll pay to maintaining his ride.


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