Sunday, August 21, 2016

W210: Daily Diesel, Sweet Pick Up! Rare Euro Wheel Goodness!

Had a sweet pick up of craiglist today.... well actually, these were delivered to me at the sunday Mercedes meet ups. Which, hey, I can't complain about!

Part # B66470094
7.5Jx16 ET 41

W210 / W202 fitment wheel, which is great, because I've got a W210 to put these on..

Came with some fairly new-ish Blizzaks on two wheels, the other two are Pilot Alpina which are a bit old, so I'll be replacing the other two with Blizzaks as well. This car should run nice and smooth in the snow, pretty excited for it! 

Here's the part number and sizing for anyone interested. These are generally euro only wheels, so good luck! A few sets are in the states, so you may be able to snag a set new from Tom at the Classic Center.


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