Monday, August 8, 2016

W210 Daily Diesel: Change your dang air filters

I have a habit of writing the dates and mileage on any parts I take the time to replace on my cars. It helps me out when doing check ups, so if something is suspect or has been in the car too long I can just replace it. I sort of let this one go by as I wanted to see what 30k miles would do to a filter. I've got my flame suit on, so go ahead and yell at me.

I replaced this air filter when I got the car, apparently some time in November of 2014. Have driven 33k miles in that time

33k miles, which I'd say about 70% of it was highway mileage.

You can see through the new filter.

Good luck trying to see through the old one.

Needless to say, but I absolutely did notice a decrease in my fuel consumption in the past 10k miles or so. I'm assuming this filter was fairly blocked up then and I haven't been doing the engine any breathing favors by keeping it in. 30k miles was the goal, so here's what you get when you go that far.

Please note - all my other cars get new air filters every 15k miles. They're cheap and easy to replace, you'd be stupid not to.


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