Friday, August 5, 2016

Had an opportunity to run into the storage units to sift through some of the wood trim pieces I've gathered over time to replace some of the lesser quality birdseye black maple that I've transplanted into the car already.

Ready? Don't blink.

Did ya blink?

Subtle, but it makes a huge difference in the overall look in the car.

Did the same for the driver side as it was peeling on the outside edges. No big deal.

Going to take the time to replace this warped and cracked main trim panel as well.

All better? Looks infinitely cleaner. This isn't even with the wood polished up either.

No crack and no warping is awesome!

Threw in the climate control center trim piece as well - buttons missing, but that's alright, I plan to use them. The AMG seats have seat heaters and I plan on running the seat heater harnesses once I get a chance to swap carpets and whatnot out and in. Should be nice once it's all done. Eager to get the ortho seats working as well.

Nice fade match too.

Also dug out the perforated leather rear headrests and installed them. Just need to find the perforated AMG rear seat set and I'll be golden with this interior. Alcantara headliner would be the next big project and of course, a black dash to finish it off.


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