Friday, August 19, 2016

FOR SALE: FACTORY Mercedes OM603 REMANUFACTURED 3.5L Engine Block / #18 Factory Reman Cylinder Head! RARE RARE RARE!

We'll get it out of the way, $2200 for the block and $1600 for the cylinder head with reman injectors CYL HEAD $$$$OLD.

Figure it's time to do something about this particular engine sitting around the ole friendly confines. Factory reman block with updated rods/pistons. All marks are present (I will try and get pictures of the rods when I get a new pan gasket in)

The engine number is ground off and only 603 is remaining, a small sign of a factory reman.

The big sign that everyone with a rodbender diesel hopes to see!

603 010 3102 !

This was definitely a post 00 reman engine as well. The use of torx fasteners was prevalent throughout the entire engine assembly. Valve cover, water pump, etc were all torx fasteners.

Now I've got some jewelry for the cylinder head.

Cleaned up prechambers with seal rings as a bit of the head was shaved down. 

Reman injectors!

Prechamber seat rings.

Here's the beauty that is the 18

Hey, check out those new valves....


Factory reman heads had their 603's shaved off. This particular one was an 18 head, which is amazing in it's own right. Literally the best of the best here.


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