Saturday, August 6, 2016

For Sale: 2000-2002 Facelift Factory Hella Xenons !

Recently starting to clear out some of my storage units and will be throwing just about everything up on ebay. Might as well put these to good use for those that want to upgrade their cars a bit!

OEM Hella Xenon light set for 2000-2002 facelift only W210. They have built in adjustment motors, have the brackets for the headlamp washers and they're complete with bulbs and all. Fantastic shape with no broken tabs either.

Discounting it a bit over ebay pricing, so I'm looking for $480 shipped  SOLD anywhere in the United States!

Passenger light does have a light scratch on the lens. I'm not sure if any sort of sanding or polishing would be able to get it out, I'm not one to try!


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