Wednesday, July 20, 2016

W210: Daily Diesel Cracked It's Control Arm!

In replacing the AC compressor on the ole E300 daily diesel, I noticed some odd paint cracking off the control arm on the driver's side. One thing led to another and I was looking at a nice hold and 3" long crack around the edge of the control arm where the ball joint knuckle is welded. Because I needed the car somewhat mobile and out of the way, I did a quick flux booger weld to hold things together while an arm was ordered and in my possession. Please don't judge the weld, I literally didn't even prep the metal lol

So with that, take a peek at this hole! Glad I saw it. Just goes to show that relatively frequent check ups on a car can prevent you from costly breakdowns down the road. A new arm and new ball joint was installed with an hour worth of work.

Just got the car aligned and all is well.


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