Tuesday, May 24, 2016

W140: Another one bites the dust

Bought a 300SD parts car a few months back and finally had a chance to dig through it and remove what I wanted before sending it off to become a Coke can. 

Needless to say, seeing this on a rodbender car is like winning the lottery. I wasn't able to see any rebuild tags when I first bought the car, but it was definitely the smoothest running OM603 I've ever had, so that's nice. lol

Motor/trans pulled out as an assembly. I've gotten pretty good with the chain and balancing these motor/trans assemblies. 

here's a good look at the replacement engine tag. found on passenger side of motor, around the middle.

with motor out, the little ancillary pieces I wanted from the car, out she goes into the wild

sitting on some wooden blocks and my junk roller wheels. the wheels that were on this car are actually on my w210 now. fwiw, i bought the car for the wheels.

good riddance