Sunday, April 10, 2016

W126: OM603 #14 Head-Ache, P.3

Head was picked up from the machine shop after some extensive work. This IS a #14 - however, in an attempt to stop this head from cracking between valves we cut down into the head and valve seat a bit and ran a heavy weld in the area. After cutting new valve seats this head shouldn't be cracking there anytime soon.

A crack from the prechamber to valve seat is still a possibility at some point, but cutting down and welding that area is difficult as there's a greater area for the head to crack - therefore, not feasible to do what we did in between valves. When it comes to #14 heads, it's not an IF it'll crack, it's a WHEN it'll crack. 

Lookin pretty good

Went to work reinstalling some vitals before putting the head back on the motor. I cleaned up the prechambers so they can seat and seal properly. Shouldn't be any carbon intrusion for quite some time with how polished up the seats are.

Cleaned off the lock rings as well. Clean parts make for happy motors.

There wasn't enough taken off the head to necessitate any spacer rings for the prechambers. These are good to go as they are.

There's nothing better than not having to deal with filthy parts.

While the head is as put together as I was willing to take it - I started disassembly and resealing of the turbo that was on the motor. Turbo was in OK shape, but was definitely leaking past the seals. The intake tract was fairly soggy from oil contamination. The engine did produce a very low but visible white smoke at idle, which turned into a slight blue with throttle application. We'll see how it does with all the new seals.


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