Friday, April 1, 2016

W126: OM603 #14 Head-ache, P.1

So here we go - a #14 head debacle.

Cooling system pressurizing rapidly, occasional bubbling showing up in expansion tank, etc..

Head removal on these is a fairly quick process - starting by removing intake manifold components.

Crossover tube removed 

Just a wee bit gunky in there eh? Turbo is leaking oil internally causing the entire intake tract to be fairly wet. The car does have an EGR delete kit on it, but this is the residual gunk that was left from the

More gunk

For a rust free southern car that's enduring years of heat, it's bound some connectors break while removing them. These will be replaced with more pliable units.

Couple 10mm fasteners around the intake, a few 6mm hex fasteners hold the intake to head and viola, intake off.

Viola indeed, these cylinders got the brunt of the oil leaking past the turbo - as evidenced by the seepage through the gasket between 1-3 cylinders.

Nasty stuff ain't it? This will be spotless once the/a head gets checked out. 

Getting the injectors / lines out of the way so they don't get beat up in the process. 14mm does it for the lines.

27mm or a deep 12pt 1 1/16 does it for the injectors.

I serviced these injectors a few months ago - still popping perfectly!

Valve cover, etc removed.

Before continuing the process, I lock the engine at TDC. With this in place, the engine will NOT rotate at all.

It will stay cyl 1 TDC for as long as this work commences so there will be no problems once reassembly begins.

That's all for now - will be removing the turbo/exhaust, etc tomorrow and will hopefully be yanking the head off as well. 


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