Wednesday, April 20, 2016

W116: Quick Brake Caliper Rebuild

 Had a 1980 300SD come in needing front brake work. Car was sitting for the better part of what seems like 10 years and the passenger front caliper locked up. Not only was the caliper locked up, the brakes seemed to be losing pressure when stopping. OH BOY.

I don't have a ton of pics as brake work is somewhat messy, but the passenger front was getting no fluid whatsoever. None - nada. Line wide open and pumping the brakes got no fluid out. After pumping my pressure bleeder up until the vent caps on the reservoir were damn near going to blow off and tons of pedal pumping, I broke free whatever was clogging up the line and got fluid flow to the caliper. I let about a pint flow through the system.

Here's the pass. caliper split in half.  

I realized only when I was taking this picture that I put the pad retainers in upside down. I'M A DOPE. Popped em off and flipped them, so no problems there. Popped the pistons out and thankfully they weren't pitted, so I honed the caliper, threw a new seal in and put the piston back in with new dust cover/pad retainer. Car should STOP.

Did some extra flushing of the lines while I had the chance. Fluid has probably been in the system for 20 years. All sorts of black, orange and green came out. Nice golden / clear fluid in there now. Will need to be flushed out again real good in the next year and a half or so.


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