Saturday, April 30, 2016

W108: 280SEL AC Leak

72 280SEL came in to try and find an AC leak - there was dye in put into the system at some point, so with it running for a month or so with that in it, I figured I'd whip out the light and start looking.

First source was this port - it's slightly cleaned off and looks like someone modified it slightly as it's not completely domed. Found the shrader valve to have a small leak. New shrader valve and this is good to go. 

Next leak was at the connection at the back of the AC compressor from the right side seal. Removed and replaced both seals with new and this is leak free.

At this point, the car still has a leak somewhere in the system. I found the evap drains to be clear of any dye residue and took apart as much of the interior to see into the evap box as I could with no signs of dye. That's not to say it's 100% leak free. There was some modification done to the AC system, so until that can be sorted by a shop who can braze the correct lines for the new dryer, I can't do anything more.

So, some pics of the car then.


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