Wednesday, April 27, 2016

S130Z: FLCA Progress

In a spur of motivation, I finally decided to push back some appointments and get to work on the Datsun. Starting with getting the car back on the ground - after some 4 odd years on jackstands.....

For a bit of extra steering angle, help in reeling back the positive camber the Z31 front strut tubes introduce, and a bit more track width, I extended the FLCA's 2". Cut the arm in the back, welded in 1/4"" places as extensions/bracing and ran a 1/2" solid metal bar to add some strength underneath.

At this point a quick coat of black spray paint and some klear effex glittery clear coat I had laying around to dress up the arms. 

Here's the completed arm. I drilled out the spot welds for the factory sway bar mount and moved the entire assembly 2" back with a small gusset for bracing. Not really needed, but it's there. I'm still debating on just running a small 1/2" wide strip of metal towards the front of the arm to help with any flex there. The entire control arm is fairly well braced so I'm not expecting it to do any bending.

With the T3 tension rods, we'll see how this thing aligns and handles. Should be interesting - if I hate it, I'll go straight back to stock lol


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