Wednesday, March 2, 2016

W123: S123 Motor Swap, P.2

So part two starts with finishing assembly of the motor - new gaskets / O rings where I had them and cleaning off 55 gallons worth of antiseize that was remnant of the old motor.

Turbo put on with new inlet and outlet oil paper gaskets.

Air cleaner mount installed

Heat shields

and now we're left with how she'll look going into the car, sans belts.

Belts on, oil cooler lines installed. I'm a bit OCD on the lines, as one is almost chrome looking and the other in zinc plated.

Bolted up the trans and getting it ready to swing into the car. I have a chain dedicated to just OM617 removals. It has a link marked off and a split chain in the rear to angle the motor in such a fashion that it'll just drop in and line up when I have a jack under the trans. Makes life easy for a one man show.

And the preliminary mounting - no bolts in the new motor mounts and still supported underneath.

and she's in. Will be reattaching all it's electrical/fluid vitals tomorrow and will be resealing the SLS pump before mounting it to the motor.


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