Tuesday, March 1, 2016

W123: S123 Motor Swap, P.1

Gentleman brought in his 82 300TD with a blown motor. I'll be swapping it out for the engine that was in the blue wagon I stripped down not too long ago and did a "soft" rebuild on. No pictures of the removal process as I'm hustling along with the work, but everything came off without too much trouble and is in fairly decent shape overall.

Here's the engine and trans combo on the ground. The trans has signs and tags of it being rebuild in 2006. How many miles put on it since, I don't know.

The engine that will be going in.

Stripping parts off the old motor to put onto the new one.

Some casualty of the snapped chain - the IP timing sprocket set is in good shape. I'm wondering what I'll find in the bottom of the oil pan when I find the time to start dissecting it.

95% of the ancillary pieces installed on the new motor. Injectors pop tested and installed, glow harness routed and connected, 1 oil cooler line installed, as the other is in the mail - hoping for delivery tomorrow... etc

Have the alternator on and installed the starter as well. Going to be throwing the intake/exhaust manifolds on after I swap thermostat housings. Early cars didn't have as many provisions on the housing as the later cars, interestingly enough. Nice to have both motors next to each other for comparison.

That's all for now. I'll be grabbing the ole junker digi cam I used with the Pagoda work so I can take more pictures - I'm sporadic with them now as it's my phone.

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