Thursday, March 17, 2016

W116: Help bring a car back from the dead - will pay! Need W116 300SD Throttle Linkages

A friends project is in dire need of the proper linkage set up for a functioning kickdown/properly shifting car. The engine in the car is out of a W123, and the PO's mechanic decided it would be totally ridiculous to use the W116 linkages in a W116......

If anyone has a lead on this set up, please send it my way! Shipping to 60634!

Thank you, Allen


  1. i thought i sent you a email.

    maybe it didn't go through or I'm crazy

    i am parting out my 80 300d w116

    it has the throttle linkage but it is well worn,but all there.

    1. i haven't gotten any emails regarding it? i'm a bit late on this, but we found a linkage from regardless. thanks for letting me know! if my buddy's in need of anything else w116 diesel specific, i'll let ya know!