Thursday, March 17, 2016

W116: Help bring a car back from the dead - will pay! Need W116 300SD Throttle Linkages

A friends project is in dire need of the proper linkage set up for a functioning kickdown/properly shifting car. The engine in the car is out of a W123, and the PO's mechanic decided it would be totally ridiculous to use the W116 linkages in a W116......

If anyone has a lead on this set up, please send it my way! Shipping to 60634!

Thank you, Allen

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sunday Meet Up Sunday, March 20th !!

It's that time of year again - get those cars outta storage and driving again. Our first official (technically second) meet up of the year at DiMaggio Cafe for 2016! 

Will be March 20th from 10am - 12pm at DiMaggion Cafe in Harwood Heights, IL. 

7326 W Lawrence Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706
Right across the street from the Buona Beef

We'll be parking in directly in front of the cafe, I'll try to have a few cones set out so we're not getting any rogue Toyota Camrys parking in between a pair of mint Mercs.

See you guys then!

Friday, March 4, 2016

W123: S123 Motor Swap, P.3

This will be the last post on the ole girl in regards to the engine swap. She's firing up within a second of turning the key and looking cool to boot.

Pulled the whole car out of the garage to let her run and burn off any oils/cure whatever curing the paint needs. Started to realign the hood as well.

Here she is, all assembled and in place.

Proof it moves under it's own power!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

W123: S123 Motor Swap, P.2

So part two starts with finishing assembly of the motor - new gaskets / O rings where I had them and cleaning off 55 gallons worth of antiseize that was remnant of the old motor.

Turbo put on with new inlet and outlet oil paper gaskets.

Air cleaner mount installed

Heat shields

and now we're left with how she'll look going into the car, sans belts.

Belts on, oil cooler lines installed. I'm a bit OCD on the lines, as one is almost chrome looking and the other in zinc plated.

Bolted up the trans and getting it ready to swing into the car. I have a chain dedicated to just OM617 removals. It has a link marked off and a split chain in the rear to angle the motor in such a fashion that it'll just drop in and line up when I have a jack under the trans. Makes life easy for a one man show.

And the preliminary mounting - no bolts in the new motor mounts and still supported underneath.

and she's in. Will be reattaching all it's electrical/fluid vitals tomorrow and will be resealing the SLS pump before mounting it to the motor.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

W123: S123 Motor Swap, P.1

Gentleman brought in his 82 300TD with a blown motor. I'll be swapping it out for the engine that was in the blue wagon I stripped down not too long ago and did a "soft" rebuild on. No pictures of the removal process as I'm hustling along with the work, but everything came off without too much trouble and is in fairly decent shape overall.

Here's the engine and trans combo on the ground. The trans has signs and tags of it being rebuild in 2006. How many miles put on it since, I don't know.

The engine that will be going in.

Stripping parts off the old motor to put onto the new one.

Some casualty of the snapped chain - the IP timing sprocket set is in good shape. I'm wondering what I'll find in the bottom of the oil pan when I find the time to start dissecting it.

95% of the ancillary pieces installed on the new motor. Injectors pop tested and installed, glow harness routed and connected, 1 oil cooler line installed, as the other is in the mail - hoping for delivery tomorrow... etc

Have the alternator on and installed the starter as well. Going to be throwing the intake/exhaust manifolds on after I swap thermostat housings. Early cars didn't have as many provisions on the housing as the later cars, interestingly enough. Nice to have both motors next to each other for comparison.

That's all for now. I'll be grabbing the ole junker digi cam I used with the Pagoda work so I can take more pictures - I'm sporadic with them now as it's my phone.