Wednesday, February 24, 2016

W210: Dailydiesel, Das Interior Gettin' Fanzee

She hit 260k miles a couple days ago. Haven't had any CEL's show up, trans is shifting beautifully (I'll be doing a trans service in about 5k miles as I neared 30k miles driven already) and I'm slowly cleaning up the exterior/interior as well.

With that, an update of sorts, I may be creating the stupidest NA diesel on the planet, but it's been a fun project that's been probably one of the more reliable daily drivers I've had. I'm going to proceed to make it less reliable, I guess.... I just finished collecting parts to put in a 6 speed MT from a R170 SLK into it. Clutch should be coming in and I think I'll be rebuilding the motor at the same time as I'll have everything out anyway. I never did do a compression test on this motor, it's seen a quite a few full throttle runs and it's been plugging along.

Yesterday I decided to start putting in an entire black/black Nappa leather E55 interior with black birdseye maple. What was wrong with the gray? Nothing.  For what? I don't know, Brilliant Silver/Black is one of my favorite Merc color combos, so why not. Gray/Gray just seems bland.

The seats are orthopedic and heated. I can program the PSE system to accept the ortho, but I need to route some vacuum lines - which I'll do when I swap out the carpet. Will do the same when running the heated seat wiring harness.

Black Birdseye is my favorite. 

Also picked up these fake carbon fiber B pillar trims off the AMG cars as well. Some are faded, but who cares. lol

Anyway some pics (obviously not completed). I threw the black carpet away because it was trashed, I'll be putting in a perfect carpet and I'm hoping to find an upholsterer who can make me some black/gray checkered floor mats. 

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