Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tool Tuesday: Mercedes RIV Timing Light "Positionsgeber"

I'm going to start doing a tool Tuesday as I have a huge collection of obscure Mercedes dealer service tools. Most are actual dealer tools from buyouts I've done and others are aftermarket units that I found absolutely no rhyme or reason to buy at the dealer (or couldn't find used). 

This particular tool was on my "wanted" list for a few years now - I've even told my girlfriend to keep an eye out for it! Ever since I've learned about it, I've it's been on my searches. One finally showed up, but totally by accident as it listed without any Mercedes reference whatsoever. So I bought it. Didn't even make the guy an offer, I just bought it. What I got was a NOS, never used, never molested Positionsgeber tool. SCORE!

Mercedes part # 617 589 08 21 00
Feb 2016 List Price: $616.00
Feb 2016 Wholesale Price: $462.00

It works beautifully. I've always timed the injection pumps with my lock tool. While it works and hasn't failed me, using this tool is a much easier affair in timing than the lock tool. 

I'm going to make note here - NONE, I repeat, NONE of my tools are available for any borrowing purposes. Sorry, it took me a long time and a lot of money to accumulate the tools I use to fix these cars and in most cases, replacing the tool is not an option as they're NLA. 


  1. Suppose it's lucky for you nobody wants to borrow your antique tools anyway. Don't need a RIV tool to time an injection pump precisely.