Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Is your Mercedes roof rack loud? Fix it!

Anyone with factory Mercedes roof racks, or any Thule system most likely  have noticed the extreme buffeting / whistle noise that comes from these empty channels at any speed. For me, this was the biggest downfall these racks ever had - I don't know if they ever came with a noise suppressing piece, but I've found my own solution.

Rubber strips! I found mine at etrailer.com and used part # TH853354407

There are strips designed for this exact purpose and double as a protective measure for the racks themselves in the event of setting anything on them. They also do a fairly good job of keeping the elements out of the channels. 

Push them firmly into the channel and they grip the "T" that the racks form. They won't pull out unless pulled on. I bought two 53" strips for less than $20 (I don't remember how much exactly, they were cheap though) and cut them to size. You can get multiple sets and cut them to fit around whatever roof accessories you have to prevent wind noise.


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