Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 Update, 2015 in review?

Haven't posted in a long while - the workshop is getting completely revamped. Made more space for work, bought far more specialized tools and equipment and am making more moves towards a larger overall place to house the parts and car collections - with room to spare for customer cars.

2015 was an interesting year with some interesting and not interesting cars worked on:

Sanjay's incredibly mint 300CE
560SEC AMG Widebody 6.0 M117
500SL AMG 6.0 M119
65 230SL Pagoda (still in progress)
91 Porsche 993
A couple Datsun Z's whose carbs needed rebuild
and a plethora of Mercedes diesels

The injector servicing side is still going strong. Found an excellent source for injector shims and created a fantastic mix of chemicals for cleaning MFI fuel injectors of any gummed up garbage in them.

Had a few interesting trips driving around the country this year - namely driving the 500SL AMG from Seattle to Chicago with hitting just about every national park in between. Drove the "seconds away from scrap" E300 I picked up from Milwaukee about 20k miles this year. It took a trip down to Florida, took multiple trips to the place up in Northern WI, and to close out the year, I took a trip out to Connecticut to pick up a trans with it (made a stop in NYC as well). Sure made for an interesting year.

The wagon I picked up had some unforeseen problems with the chassis that I ultimately decided parting it would be the safest route. All that clean metal is scattered around the US and is keeping other's cars on the road.

I'm looking to make 2016 even more exciting. Will be getting the Pagoda sorted and finished because I'm tired of looking at it. Hopefully the tool collection with keep on expanding and most importantly, I'm aiming to get the yellow dragon out and about again. 4 years of sitting on jack stands is long enough.

Anyway, if you've read this - cool. If not that's cool too. Hopefully I can keep up with the content.


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