Wednesday, December 2, 2015

OM617 Turbo Swapped Chevy 1/2 Ton

Every now and again I'll get a call to work on something cool out in the field. On today's episode of "Cool shit I get to play with" is Pat's turbo OM617 swapped Chevy 1/2 ton pickup. Black on black, lowered, with a coal rolling OM617. As daily driver of a truck as could possibly be - it's not a show truck, it's a drive hard and put away wet type of truck.

Utilizing a OM617 from an 85 300SD, 700R4 transmission with a 3.73 rear end, this truck is a slouch....until the turbo kicks in, then she scoots.

Just getting her checked out for a trip to Oklahoma. Checked injection timing, it was as little as makes no difference, perfect. I gave the ALDA a little turn to help out off idle acceleration as I'm not sure the 700R4 is a perfect pairing to the very torquey, low revving OM617. Could use a bit more adjustment, but she's doing alright.

I let Pat know she's going to need a fuel filter set and if he's going to be starting anywhere cold - a fresh set of glow plugs. Everything else was peachy!

Enjoy the pics.


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