Tuesday, December 22, 2015

722.3: That's not how clutches are supposed to look like

While I had the Kombi project's junk trans out and was stripping it of it's good parts.

Below is a picture of a series of clutch packs removed from just behind the front pump assembly on the transmission. This could have been VERY easily prevented had a previous owner noticed his car was running dry of trans fluid.

These disks should be loaded up with friction material (black/graphite colored). You can see every time the pump build enough pressure to get the car moving, it wore the clutches through. Not a good time for the clutches, or the (flywheels) they grab on to when pressure is applied. All have been ruined in this process.

A service life of around 200k miles is plenty for these clutches. If your reverse doesn't fail beforehand and you manage to squeeze 200k out of a 722.3 transmission - consider that a solid achievement.


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