Monday, November 2, 2015

W210: Swaysfordayz DailyDiesel

Not too long ago I came across a wrecked W210 E55 AMG. Didn't have an engine or trans, interior was in tatters, but, it did have a bunch of usable nonsense that I could throw onto my E300 to make less.....boring? 

Making this post to make sort of a "mod" list, as there's so much that was done to this E300 that it's getting hard to keep track of. 

Stock E300 front sway bar 26mm in center
E55 AMG front sway bar 30mm in center

4mm thickness increase and it's solid, rather than hollow. The difference in front end feel is a lot more than I was expecting. Great upgrade for anyone looking to tighten up the front of their W210. It's a total bolt on upgrade, Bolt spacing is the same for the inner bushing mounts and the outer sway links are exactly the same between E55 and everything else. 


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