Monday, November 2, 2015

W210: Auxiliary Fan Belt Replacement

This has gone over my head so many times that I finally decided to do something about it the other day while prepping the car for winter.

The front auxiliary fans on most pre-00 W210 have one power fan and one fan driven by a belt. Pretty neat, considering it lessens the weight of the car a few pounds and one less motor to fail. You can tell the bean counters over at Mercedes were pressuring the engineers to save costs somewhere. Otherwise, if left up to the engineers, this would be powered by three nuclear reactors.

I'm not going to get into the meat and potatoes of the whole process - it's essentially broken down this way - five 10mm fasteners for the upper radiator crossmember. Two 10mm fasteners holding the aux fan assembly to radiators. Wiggle free. Replace. Redo.

Mine was missing a belt entirely. I've been so conditioned to the dual fan's of earlier chassis (one would work at a time depending on conditions) that I never paid much attention to the one side never spinning on the W210.

A replacement belt is a couple bucks. 

Feed it over the pulleys like a bicycle chain and spin a fan by hand to run it into the groove. Make sure the belt slides into the groove, it's a V. Don't use lubricants and install dry.

Viola, happy fans. I'm sure my AC will be just a smidge colder now.

Part number for the belt is: 011 997 0092


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