Tuesday, November 10, 2015

W123: Kombi Project P.2

Had to make some progress on the kombi tonight - spent a few hours reshaping the driver side headlight area as it was bent up and in slightly from the fender damage. It hadn't tweaked the radiator support at all, nor did it shift the headlight bucket area. The area just behind the headlight was slightly pushed in and back. I brought it out as best I could and started smoothing it all out. I'm avoiding the use of any bondo or filler in the area, so there was a lot of hammering happening. I do need to seam seal one edge as it split, but it's been spot welded correctly and I just need the sealer to do what the Mercedes stuff did - keep water and debris out.

First proper test fit and alignment of the fender. Everything was brought back into shape - there isn't a single factory bolt out of place when installing the fender. Corner marker mounts correctly.

Fender gaps are all looking fantastic and even.

Corner marker lined up and tightened down.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the fender alignment against the hood, but it was dead spot even with the unmolested passenger side and uniform throughout. Not bad for a few hours of panel beating to get this old girl back into shape.

The hunt for a transmission continues. I've sourced one in Indianapolis and think the seller and I have come to an agreement. I'm ready to go and pick it up, just waiting on the seller's word. Hopefully soon, as I'd like to at least drive this around a bit and make sure everything is working properly....give it a proper cleaning too as it's filthy.

For now, the list of stuff I need to find/buy/install/work on are as follows (in no particular order):
  • grill assembly
  • driver side fender trim
  • outside window trims/seals
  • new headlights (preferably one piece euro)
  • front / rear bumpers
  • passenger taillight 
  • check rear SLS function, adjust/fix as necessary
  • exhaust leak fix
  • dash mat / dash cover / new dash
  • new front seats (preferably leather, would take mint MB tex though)
  • new front windshield / windshield seal 
  • radio / new antenna mast
  • remove any spotty underchassis rust and apply new undercoat 
  • new metal in rear driver side corner 
  • replace transmission (722.315) 
  • instrument cluster housing / LED instrument cluster bulbs
  • driver side dash wood trim
  • glove box latch assembly / glove box adjustment
  • ashtray assembly
  • get all windows working correctly
  • clean fuse block / all new copper ceramic fuses throughout
  • clean manual sunroof rails, fix upholstery around sunroof latch 
Plenty more to do, this is all the major stuff that's going to be annoying me for a couple weeks. Hoping to get the transmission very soon, in the mean time, everything else will be getting sorted and all the cars vital fluids will be tended to. 


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